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Marvel`s Agent Carter Season 2 Premiers January 2016

Marvel’s Agent Carter

The eight action-packed episodes that make up the first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter tell a rich, tight, tale of espionage that begins small, with Howard Stark recruiting Peggy to retrieve his stolen inventions, before spiraling and taking a detour to Russia with the Howling Commandos, hinting at the precursor to the Black Widow training program, and culminating in a finale that proves once again why you shouldn’t send a man to do a woman’s job.

Set against the sexism of the 1940s, the series captures the spirit of the era in a way that allows Peggy to rise above it all while also focusing on who she is post-WWII and post-Steve Rogers.

With excellent supporting work from James D’Arcy, Enver Gjokaj, and Bridget Regan, the show is an all-around entertaining watch that merges easily and effortlessly into the larger MCU. But even if you’re not a big fan of Marvel or comics, the series can stand on its own and is absolutely worth your time.(source TV.com)

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