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Tim Dorsey’s books to be Adapted for Television…

Coconut Cowboy: A Novel (Serge Storms) 

 A TV series adapted from the books of Tampa-based author Tim Dorsey is in development with Sonar Entertainment.

The series would be titled “Florida Roadkill” after the first book in Dorsey’s bestselling series of darkly humorous crime novels set in a twisted version of the Sunshine State, featuring the homicidal yet still endearing protagonist Serge A. Storms.


Though the series will be named for Dorsey’s first book, he said Sonar has the rights to his entire collection, which comprises 18 books. His latest, “Coconut Cowboy,” comes out in January.


A script for “Florida Roadkill” is still being written by Evan Endicott and Josh Stoddard, the creators of the Amazon series “Betas” about tech developers.


Danny Davids, an executive producer on the “Florida Roadkill” project said audiences should “brace yourselves” for the series.


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