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New Thanks Giving and Christmas Recipe Books.

Thanksgiving Recipes – Top 200 Thanksgiving Recipes by Jamie Stewart

Includes 25 Paleo, 25 Vegan, 25 Low Carb, 25 Gluten Free and 100 Traditional recipes..Here’s the cookbook that will offer you the best solutions for your Thanksgiving menu. There are traditional holiday dishes that are prepared in every family from generation to generation. Anyway, modern lifestyle dictates new cooking trends. For that reason, this cookbook will appeal to those who prefer traditional food, as well as those who like to experiment in the kitchen. Forget about holiday recipes that take a lot of time and energy. Read these recipes and keep the best holiday memories!

Easy Thanksgiving Cooking by Jessica Mathison

This e-book gives you every little detail you need to know about thanksgiving dinner. From preparing your menu to grocery list and storing your leftovers, it’s all here.

How to Prepare a Loving Thanksgiving Celebration at Home: Basics For Beginners by Mara Michaels and Carolyn Stone

Even if you have never hosted Thanksgiving at your home before, you can cook a succulent turkey with all the trimmings if you can follow simple instructions. Discover great ways to help keep children of all ages occupied while they are home from school. Use these ideas to keep them busy while you are cooking the meal. If they are old enough, they can even lend a hand.

This guide is also useful for people who might be looking to change up their usual Thanksgiving menu. Add some new sides this year, or a couple of tasty desserts for an even more sumptuous feast. You will also find vegetarian and gluten-free options so you can cater to any guest who might be becoming to your Thanksgiving dinner. Many of these recipes can also be brought as your contribution to a Thanksgiving meal at someone else’s house, or a community potluck. This can be perfect if you are watching your weight at the holidays.

American Christmas Dinner: Traditional Christmas Recipes That Everyone Loves by Jessica Glitter

You won’t have to be the one remembering when you were a kid going to Grandma’s for Christmas dinner, you are going to be the one with all of the recipes that your family is going to love.

You don’t have to be an experienced cook to make any of these recipes. We made them easy to follow, easy to make, and delicious to eat so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time making the memories that are going to last you a lifetime.

Christmas Slow Cooking by Dominique DeVito

The only cookbook you need for festive and simple slow cooker recipes that are just perfect for the holidays.

The only full-color slow cooking cookbook for Christmas that celebrates traditional holiday recipes with creative twists and healthful variations, all while requiring minimal time in the kitchen. Choose from over 250 recipes, each featured with a full-page photograph of the finished dish to give you a colorful glimpse of the holiday meals that will feast the family, warm the soul and satisfy every appetite.

Between shopping, decorating, wrapping presents and entertaining, who has time to slave over the oven? This Christmas season you can dazzle your loved ones with a feast full of mouthwatering holiday dishes prepared with the slow cooker. Included are over 250 recipes from soups and stews to side dishes, desserts and even beverages. You’ll have every base covered to impress without the stress. Unlike most slow cooker cookbooks, Christmas Slow Cooking features an attractive full-page color photograph of the prepared dish with nearly every recipe.

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