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5 Pieces of Advice Amber Rose gives Readers in her New Novel…

How to Be a Bad Bitch by Amber Rose

To Amber Rose, a bad bitch is “a woman who gets her way by any means necessary.” Her new book, How to Be a Bad Bitch, which released today October 27 is part autobiography and part how-to guide for her fans to achieve what Rose earmarks as valuable goals. The 32-year-old model, who rose to fame after she was noticed working as an exotic dancer and recruited for music videos, focuses a large part of her book on improving physical appearance and the importance she places on looking attractive.

Here are a few pieces of advice Amber gives to her loyal fans..

  • “And you should always make sure you look presentable, even just for going to the corner store. You never know who you’re going to run into.”
  • “Don’t avoid getting seconds of food if you’re still hungry. From my own experience, a lot of guys find it very attractive.”
  • “Guys like Girls who can hang with the guys – and, sad but true – play video games – but who can still be very feminine.”
  • “Curvy or skinny, tall or short, we all look better with smooth lines under our clothes, and that’s why properly fitted bras and Spanx are our best friends.”
  • “In the same way you wouldn’t go into an exam or a big meeting at work unprepared, you don’t want to tackle your face without a little knowledge and preparation. That way, you can own every aspect of your look, rather than potentially being a victim of your own beauty limitations. You want to be on point in all areas of your life, right?”

Above all, Amber delivers a message to all women in this fiercely fearless guide: work hard, love yourself, embrace your femininity and sexuality, and most importantly, chase the best vision of you possible.

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