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George R.R. Martin Shuts Down Beloved Fan Theory..

* Possible Spoilers Ahead

 It looks like George R. R. Martin’s original “A Dance With Dragons” manuscript just shot down one of the biggest, most promising rumors about a fan-favorite character in the “Game of Thrones” universe.

And no, this one has nothing to do with Jon Snow’s parentage. He’s still half-Targaryen.

Instead, a reddit user found a page from “A Dance with Dragons” (which is displayed at the Cushing Library at Texas A&M) that completely shuts down the theory that Coldhands — a character who takes Bran north of the Wall in the books, but who has been cut from the show thus far — is actually an undead version of Ned Stark’s missing brother Benjen.

The green notes are from Martin’s editor Anne Groell, the big fat “NO” is from Martin himself.


With this theory officially shut down and Bran already north of the Wall it’s looking less and less likely that Coldhands will ever appear on “Game of Thrones.” It’s also looking less and less likely that Benjen is still alive after his ill-fated final trip north of the Wall.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms ( Released October 6, 2015)

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