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5 Greatest Goosebumps Books To Read Before The Movie Release..

We all know that Goosebumps is back.Sony has adapted our all time favorite books into a blockbuster movie.The movie will have Jack Black as  R. L. Stine, who has to save the day when all the monsters he’s ever created are released into the real world.

They’re all there: the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, Count Nightwing, The Lord High Executioner – even the giant preying mantis from the brilliantly titled A Shocker on Shock Street.

With news of the movie bombarding us from every corner, we tend to look for our favorite books once again..So here are a few all time favorites.

One of the most memorable in the series, this tale of a Halloween mask made of dead skin moulding itself onto a little girl’s face was enough to make you steer clear of fancy dress for life.

 Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes

The book responsible for convincing you that your father is either a hideous human/plant hybrid, a sinister clone, or a mix of both.

From the cover alone you can tell this is classic Goosebumps. Plus it has a mad scientist called Spidey with a haunted camera that will last “until the end of the world”.

There’s something really evil living in their new house.Something that’s moving. Watching. Waiting.Something that comes from beneath the kitchen sink…


Night of the Living Dummy

Probably the most famous of all the Goosebumps books, Night of the Living Dummy is solely responsible for a whole generation of children abandoning the art of ventriloquism.

Slappy the living dummy has become a hero in his own right, and looks set to play a prominent role in the upcoming film.


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