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The One You Feed by James Drummond | Book Review

The One You Feed by James Drummond

The one you feed was a beautifully written werewolf novel with a high school setting that will definitely appeal to fans that love the supernatural world without all the sappiness and sugar coating of a werewolf’s basic primal nature that is often depicted in a lot of shape shifter books these days.

This novel follows the life of Toby Hoffman who is a troubled young teen who goes through a series of insecurities.Strange things are happening Silver Falls that seems to point in the direction of his best friend Nate.During the course of the novel we see Toby trying to get to the bottom of the strange and bloody occurrences happening in the woods. I liked the fact that there was a touch of reality in the sense where the bad things also happened to good people, something that rarely occurs in the fantasy world of fiction.

It had a touch of romance , masterfully mixed in with the horror that made this short read quite enjoyable. I liked the overall story arc especially the twists that come into play as you near the conclusion. This book is highly recommended for young adults and teens.


Rating : **** ( 4 Stars )

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