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Forgotten by Samie Sands | Book Review

Forgotten (AM13 Series) by Samie Sands 

Forgotten truly is a must read for all those die hard zombie apocalypse fans.Forgotten picks up right where lock down left off.The second book in this series definitely matched up to the first and was amazing, full of action mystery and adventure from start to finish.England is over run by a man made virus that is turning all those who have been infected into the walking dead.Their only hope is Dr Jones a scientist who tries in vain to find a cure.This novel is full of mind whirling twists and life threatening ordeals faced by both Dr Jones, Ethan and Alyssa as they try to make it from day to day trying to out run these mindless beings.

Forgotten has a theme that has been used countless of times, however the writing skill and plot twists demonstrated by the author makes this book a must read.

Rating : **** ( 4 stars )

Book 1 this series:

Lockdown by Samie Sands

Plot Synopsis:

Leah’s practical joke has spiraled way out of control. Now everyone seems convinced that the apocalypse is coming – in the form of zombies. The government is calling the virus AM13, and is advising – or more like forcing – everyone to stay indoors while they ‘clean up the mess’.

Leah tries to persuade everyone that it was all just a horrible mistake, however she starts to see there may be more truth to it all than she first thought.

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