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Dawn of Deception by Dan Fletcher | Book Review

Dawn of Deception: Part I in The David Nbeke Thriller Series by Dan Fletcher 

This truly was a gripping , page turner that was breath taking in its own right. Dawn of Deception took me 4 days to finish and i enjoyed the ride tremendously!Poaching in Africa is not something to be taken lightly and Dan Fletcher`s story brings to life the brutality of poaching in this action packed thriller with a series of twists and turns that is mind boggling!

The character description and the description of the country side in Kenya was both detailed to the point of perfection but so not long drawn out that it becomes boring .David is a thrown into the life of saving animals through tragic circumstances that couldn’t be avoided.

The rangers strive to save the beautiful elephants whose tusks have become a target to vicious money hungry poachers.Something that is a reality in today’s world.David is a wonderful hero and i look forward to reading the next book in this new amazing , adventurous series.

Rating : ***** (5 stars)

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