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Saltwater Secrets, Song of the Sea by Jade Varden | Book Review

Saltwater Secrets, Book 1: Song of the Sea  

A riveting spell binding book by Jade Varden that i couldnt get enough of !! I really hope that this is a series because i seriously want more.

This was an original tale of the enchanting world of mermaids and selkies.Jade Varden truly is a brilliant story teller! I loved the way she brought her characters to life and the way she describes the ocean giving it a unique and magical feel.

Song of the Sea is about a young girl who lived a seemingly perfect life with a beautiful house on the little island of the coast.She had 2 great parents and a new boyfriend whom she had a crush on forever!! Her life was somewhat monotonous until the day she discovers her life was made up of one big lie.Her world tilts on its axis upon discovering a selkie skin in her attic which she mistakes to be a seal skin.

Brenna always felt drawn to the ocean and was an excellent swimmer , her mum on the other hand is terrified of the ocean following a near death experience that consequently led to the meeting of her parents…Or so she was led to believe until her mother jumps naked into the ocean and she is forced to follow her because her father refuses to look for her claiming that her mother was a mythical creature of the ocean and she left them deliberately to go back to her home in the heart of the Atlantic ocean.

Brenna embarks on a journey that changes her beliefs and her entire perspective of the world.She meets Dylan a merman whose life seems to be entwined with hers.Shes caught in a war between the selkie and merfolk and thats just the beginning!! this novel takes you through a mixture of emotions.

You will not be disappointed in this captivating heart warming novel. This should most definitely be a series!!

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