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The Circle by Mario Escobar | Book Review

“A debut psychological thriller from Mario Escobar that will forever change the way you look at other people’s lives.”

It truly was a dark psychological thriller with a surprising twist you would not expect.This was an entertaining , suspenseful novel that i would recommend to others.The strength in the lead characters were commendable and this book was a superb read from start to finish that i completed on one sitting.It kept my interest throughout.

The story unfurls with a brief description of Maryam Batool`s character and her life before a disastrous financial event in 2007.Maryam Batool formally from Pakistan led a promising career before a financial crisis.

Solomon Lewin is the protagonist having just moved back to London following humanitarian work in India that paid less than minimum wage. Maryam and Solomon meet at a mental facility in which Solomon is employed as a psychiatrist located in London’s square mile.Due to a stock market crash and a suicide attempt, Maryam becomes a patient in the psycho ward of the hospital with an obsessive compulsive disorder and violent tendencies.

She is in a catatonic state and does not communicate at all aside from repeating the word the circle as well as drawing circles.Solomon takes on her case and attempts to help her overcome her illness. He is called to the institution one night because of Maryam`s psychotic state and violent attack on a nurse which takes him on a mysterious journey with Maryam.He leaves the solitude of his home and walks into a living nightmare in one of the worst snow blizzards he had come across.Solomon had to find out exactly what is the circle while putting his family at risk, escaping ‘so called agents’ and discovering exactly why everyone wants Maryam dead.


Solomon repeatedly tries to remove himself from the complicated situations he is thrown in continuously due to Maryam`s impulsiveness and untrustworthy behavior.

The ending was a completely unexpected, it went in a direction that the average author would not have even contemplated,I thought i had it figured out until the last chapter where i was left dumb founded.This was a invigorating read with a brilliant plot that will put you through a whirlwind of emotions.

This book is for readers that enjoy a dark and disturbing novel.Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did!

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