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Most inspiring female characters in literature

Her are some wonderfully powerful, kick-ass maidens that have inspired us with their strength, self-discovery, and incredible brilliance over the years.

Katniss Everdeen: the Hunger Games series:

Katniss is a born survivor. Providing for her family following her father’s death she selflessly enters the Hunger Games in place of her sister Prim. In the game she is deadly but never cruel, using quick thinking and practical skills to out do her opponents. Katniss is the first person, male or female, to outsmart the Hunger Games, an action that sets off an uprising against the Capital.

Hermione Granger: the Harry Potter series:

Without Hermione JK Rowling’s series would have stopped short in the first book with Harry and Ron smothered by Devil’s Snare. She joins the boys on all their escapades, usually performing the majority of the magic and still remains top of the class, campaigns for better treatment for House Elves and founds Dumbeldore’s Army.

Arya Stark: The Game of Thrones:

Arya is a headstrong little girl in this hit series.She’s determined , strong willed, optimistic and charming.The odds are stacked inexplicably against her yet she keeps on fighting for what she believes in with the help of ‘Needle’

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