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Amber Rose to release ‘ How to be a Bad Bitch ! ‘

Amber’s book will give no-holds barred advice to others on how to be successful in their career, find love, embrace fashion and learn to love themselves.

In a statement, she said: “A bad bitch is a self-respecting, strong female who has everything together. This consists of body, mind, finances and swagger; a woman who gets hers by any means necessary.”
Amber’s book will be released through Simon & Schuster’s imprint Gallery Books.

“Amber Rose is the ultimate cool girl who you want to be best friends with. I know a lot of women who will want to read this book.” stated Jennifer Bergstrom

There’s no indication on whether Amber’s book will reveal any of her own experiences and life stories, or whether it will just be general advice to others.

She’s certainly had an explosive and eventful life: dating Kanye West, marriage to Wiz Khalifa, lots of half-naked pictures, being managed by Nick Cannon, mum to a young son, and those feuds with Khloe Kardashian…

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