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Are Men The Real Victims of Sexism?

This is the subject of the book “Stand by your Manhood” by Peter Lloyd

Lloyd hit the headlines a few years ago in the UK after suing his gym because they had women’s-only sessions.

He stated that he was “not against single-gender gym sessions” but insisted that “you can’t reduce the hours men can train when they pay the same price as women,because it’s not our fault if women feel that way” and now he has written a book about it!

In this angry, funny, provocative book Peter Lloyd says men, are these days, considered to be the ‘overrated, unfashionable gender’, claiming people build entire careers from man-bashing. He argues that men suffer from sexism too, both casual and institutionalized.

Lloyd grapples with some of the “burning questions facing the brotherhood today”: Why isn’t there a male contraceptive pill?Why does no one care men die before women? And the big one: Why should men pay on the first date?

Frank, funny and long overdue,This is a book men everywhere have been waiting for.

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