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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Ant Man Movie !!

With a brilliant creative cast, the planned Ant-Man movie promises to be an awesome treat for marvel fans.Ant –Man is scheduled to hit theaters July 17 2015.Here`s 10 things you didn’t know about the Ant-Man movie.

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1.Paul Rudd to play Lead Role: After numerous denials, Paul Rudd was officially announced to be playing the lead role in ‘Ant-Man’. But what we didn’t know was that he would appear next to Ranger Smith from the Yogi Bear cartoons. That seems like a confusing creative choice by Marvel until you realize that Ant-Man was created the same year that Yogi Bear ended its run in 1962.

2.Roron Corobb to make an appearance:  The Ithorian Jedi Master from Star Wars: Clone Wars — is going to make an appearance in Ant-Man. Disney also owns the Star Wars trademarks, so a crossover isn’t unorthodox.

3.Did you know that Hank Pym has gone by several different names?: A lot of people may know that he has also used the Giant-Man title, As well as Giant-Man, he has used another title whilst possessing the ability to grow to giant size – that being Goliath. He has also adopted the insect-themed Yellow jacket mantle and has even used the Wasp title for a short period of time– one usually reserved for his wife Janet van Dyne.

4.Michael Douglas added to cast: Douglas’ appointment is the most fascinating, according to sources Douglas is said to be playing Hank, AKA Henry Pym, a scientist who became the first Ant-Man in the comic books.

5.Edgar Wright Suddenly Departs from Ant Man: Edgar Wright suddenly departed ‘Ant-Man’ after changes were made to his screenplay. The search for a replacement was ugly and public and no one came out looking good.

6.Peyton Reed take over directing duties in the wake of Wright’s departure: His past work has showcased receptivity that would work wonders with a character like Ant-Man. With films like ‘Bring It On,’ ‘The Break-Up’ and ‘Down with Love,’ Reed has showcased a variety and dominion of tone that most hired hand directors don’t. With ‘Anchorman’ whiz Adam McKay rewriting the screenplay, there is some optimism after Wright’s departure.

7.Evangeline Lilly admits she thought about jumping ship! : Lilly had admitted she thought about jumping ship from the project after Wright left, but was convinced to stay once she realized the original script wouldn’t have worked with the rest of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. She’s now feeling positive about the direction of the film and has promised that “we’re in really good hands” with new Ant-Man director Peyton Reed.

8.And the Bad Guys are…: Patrick Wilson was originally cast in ‘Ant-Man’ in a villainous role, he dropped out in the midst of script changes, and now Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross will be the main adversary. Darren Cross is the head of Cross Technological Enterprises and a longtime foe of Ant-Man in the Marvel comic book world. Although depicted as a massive, Hulk-like baddie on the page, this version of Cross will wear a suit similar to our hero, have similar powers, and eventually become the villain known as Yellow jacket, which was actually an alternate identity of Ant-Man himself in the comics.

9.When and where is it Filming? : The original plan was for ‘Ant-Man’ to film in England at the legendary Pinewood Studios (home to several previous Marvel film shoots), but those plans fell apart when the production couldn’t secure space in time. Instead, ‘Ant-Man’ will be the first film to shoot at the new Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The film started shooting in April, 2014.

10.Ant –Man originally scheduled for later release date: The film was set to be released November 6, 2015 however, the film’s release date was officially pushed up to July 17, 2015, putting it in the middle of one of the major summers in movie history. ‘Ant-Man’ has one major ally in the fight: ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ which opens a few months prior and will surely give millions of moviegoers a proper tease of what’s to come.

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